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Database Populator

A tool for developers to quickly generate dummy content for their databases.

When I developed my first applications, the most boring part was to provide dummy data to have a fully operational website to use and to test. After some time I developed this tool which provides SQL queries ready to run to populate the database.

Latest update: June 2016

Database Populator is a tool which helps you to populate your projects' database tables with randomly generated content. With this tool you no longer need to write queries or to compile forms by yourself wasting a lot of time before to start to work on your applications.

Since I guess no one is used to code from a smartphone, this tool will not adjust its elements to small screens, this is meant to be used on desktops' or laptops' monitors.

How to use the tool

  • provide the name of the table to populate

  • write the name of the field and select its type

  • fill the options which will appear

  • click the + button to add a field and the - button to remove the last field added

  • select how many records must be generated

  • click the "Generate" button

If you find any bug, please leave a comment or contact me using the contact form, remember to say how to reproduce the bug, that will help to fix the problem.

You can also leave a comment to suggest improvements or to notify if something you need is missing.

The tool randomly generates data, it is possible that some of them correspond to reality, no real data is generated on purpose.